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Backstory about the company and its founder, Matt Kolb

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Matt developed a love of nature and the outdoors where he could see and explore all of Gods creation.

He has a track record of taking on challenges and helping solve difficult problems.

Several years ago he beat prostate cancer and is an advocate for early detection and treatment in other men.

As a co-inventor of a product that changed the face of a segment of the roofing industry, he co-designed and brought to market a successful revolutionary product covered by 10 patents granted with one pending in China, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Canada and the European Union.

Matt has now started a new company and designed and formulated Evanesce, a family of scent and odor control products that deliver superior performance for your difficult to control odor needs.

Matt and his wife Nancy have 7 daughters and 6 grandchildren and are expecting #7 later this year. They are committed to Christ and helping those in need whether they are in Kenya, Haiti or their fellow Idahoans. Recently relocated to Northern Idaho they love their church, the outdoors, four seasons and all the opportunities Idaho provides.

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